“My trust issues are so bad that I don’t even trust the mute button when I’m on the phone.”

If you are able to show someone that you have confidence in them you are showing them that you have trust in them. Without having trust in your relationship, you will be living in fear. People usually develop trust issues due to previous experiences in their life that effected them either emotionally or physically. Because of fear of being hurt, humiliated or manipulated again, it can be difficult to overcome, but it is possible.

How to Overcome Trust Issues

Recognize that you have a trust issue. Until you recognize and accept that you have an issue with trust in your relationship, then you can’t deal with it. Try to identify what is causing you to have difficulty trusting. If you experienced a deep emotional or physical trauma in your past you may benefit from talking with a professional counselor.

Forgive. In order to be able to move on you need to be able to forgive the person who did you wrong in the past. This does not mean that whatever they did was right or okay. But by forgiving this person, it is allowing you to leave the past in the past so you can move on and not bring this excess baggage into your new relationship.

Learn from your past mistakes. Don’t keep making the same mistakes. Try to learn from the bad choices you made and make adjustments to your behavior to avoid it from happening again. If a person keeps letting you down and then promising they will do better, it’s time to move on. The more you allow a person to continuously let you down, the deeper your trust issues can become.

Relinquish Fear. After experiencing betrayal it can be very difficult to be able to trust again! In order to be able to have a healthy relationship, you need to be able to relinquish this fear so you can trust again. By opening yourself up to your partner and being vulnerable, you are also allowing yourself the ability to be able to experience happiness, love and joy again.

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