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  • Embroidered Blues Clues Salt and Pepper Dish Towel
  • Blues Clues Embroidered Dish Towel hanging in kitchen.
  • Blues Clues Salt and Pepper Embroidered on Dish Towel
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Blues Clues Salt and Pepper Dish Towel

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Blues Clues Salt and Pepper Dish Towel

Each dish towel is personally machine embroidered with the adorable Blues Clues Salt and Pepper.  If you choose, you can add names to personalize this dish towel, at no extra cost.

Details of Embroidered Blues Clues Salt and Pepper Dish Towel

  • 100% cotton
  • 20 in x 30 in
  • Machine Embroidered with Blues Clues Salt and Pepper 
  • You can personalize with names
  • Each order is custom made and takes 2-3 days to process.


FAQ-Dish Towels

How Often Should You Wash Dish Towels?

To prevent the spread of germs, such as E. coli and other bacteria, it is best to wash your dish towel daily or at least every few days.  This will help to prevent the transmission of bacteria that causes food poisoning and other foodborne illnesses.

Should You Wash Dish Towels Before Use?

It is best to wash dish towels before the first use.  This helps to open up the fibers, making them more absorbent.  Sometimes towels are coated with a fabric softener or waxy film to make them look more plush before buying.  Washing your new dish towel will remove this film and make them more absorbent.

Can You Wash Dish Towels With Clothes?

Dish towels are breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria, including E. coli. and other foodborne illnesses.  To prevent the transmission of this bacteria to your clothes, is best to wash your dirty dish towels in a separate load. 

Tips for Drying Dish Towels

  • It is best to refrain from using fabric softeners when drying dish towels.  Fabric softeners will leave a film on the fibers of your dish towel, making them less absorbent. 
  • Instead, use dryer balls to help with the drying process.
  • Shake your wet towels off before placing them into the dryer.
  • Follow towel care instructions for the longest life of your dish towel.