“There comes a time when you just need to cancel pointless friendships and relationships.”

Many times we let people stick around in our lives a lot longer than we really should. These people drag you down, don’t support you with anything, you can’t count on them, they leave you hanging, they lie to you and constantly put you down. They are toxic people. There comes a time when you just need to cancel pointless friendships and relationships.

How to End Pointless Relationships

Recognize it is a toxic friendship. The first step is being able to recognize that this is a toxic friendship or relationship. Ask yourself, “Do I feel taken advantage of?” “Am I giving a lot more than I am receiving?” “Do I feel drained or worse after hanging around this person?” “Do I dread spending time with them or find myself avoiding their calls?”

Let them know. Tell your friend or significant other how they make you feel. If they really care about you they will not try to downplay your emotions or deny it. Someone that really cares about you will want you to be happy and will make whatever changes are necessary to make sure that your relationship is ok.

Surround yourself with positive people. Have you ever noticed that hanging out with someone that is always a downer or angry can actually make you feel down or angry yourself? Behavior is contagious, so surround yourself with positive minded people. This will lift your spirits!

Forgive. It is imperative that you get to the point where you can forgive this person that had such a negative impact on your life. When you forgive this person, it does not mean you are saying what they did is ok. Instead, it is allowing you to move on. By forgiving them, it is allowing you to release all the negative feelings associated with that past relationship. All of your anger, anxiety, resentment, rejection will leave your body and allow you to fill it with happiness and sense of well-being.

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