“When you get to that point in your life when you finally find peace of mind, do whatever you have to do to make sure you don’t lose it.”

Day to day life can be filled with many stresses. By finding peace of mind you will help yourself feel calmer, relaxed, happier and healthier. In order to achieve peace of mind you need to decrease or eliminate your worrying thoughts, stress and anxiety.

Tips to Find Peace of Mind

  • Set aside some “me” time every day for yourself. Even if it is just for 10 minutes. Go into your room and close the door. If you need to, put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door. Take this time to reflect on yourself. Ask yourself what you want out of life. Are there goals you would like to achieve? If so, are there any changes you would like to make to the goals you already have set? Me time can also be just going in the other room and reading a good book. It is a time that you can let go of all of your worries and concerns for a short period of time, clear your head, and then go back with a fresh mind.
  • Live in the present moment. Don’t worry about the past or panic about what could happen in the future. Focus on the present moment.
  • Set goals for yourself. By setting goals for yourself, you are giving yourself a direction to go and it will give you a sense of purpose.

  • Take care of your body. Make sure you eat healthy and exercise daily. Visit your doctor for check ups and whenever it is necessary. Taking care of your health shows that you respect yourself.
  • Practice mindfulness. When you practice mindfulness you allow your body to experience all 5 senses in the moment: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. By engaging all of your senses you do not allow room for worry, anxiety, sorrow, etc.
  • Love yourself. Accept that no one is perfect, everyone has their faults and that it is ok to make mistakes. Being able to love yourself, exactly as you are, will make you feel more secure and heighten your peace of mind.

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