Do you ever smell a perfume that you used to wear at a certain time in your life and it just brings back ALLLL of the memories? Smells have a stronger connection with memories and bringing back emotions than any of our senses. When you first smell something, it goes straight to an area in your brain responsible for creating memories, unlike your senses of touch, taste, sight and hearing.

In most circumstances, you associate a smell with a meaningful event that happened earlier in your life. The smell of fresh baked apple pie can trigger the memory of spending time at your favorite grandma’s house every Summer as a child. The smell of fresh cut grass can trigger the memory of going to soccer practice as a child.

Smells often trigger nostalgic emotions before recalling the actual memory. Smelling a certain cologne that your first boyfriend always wore can trigger the feelings you had when you were with him. Smelling sharpened pencils can bring back the anxious feelings of beginning a new school year. Smelling of jasmine can trigger the memory of playing in the backyard at your best friends house that lived a few doors down from you.

There will always be smells that trigger a childhood memory, an old flame or an unforgettable Summer vacation. The following is a list of the most popular smells that trigger memories. They may trigger some memories of your own!

1. First boyfriend’s cologne

2. Fresh baked apple pie

3. Buttered popcorn

4. Freshly cut grass

5. Cigarette smoke

6. Favorite Soap or body lotion

7. Pumpkin Pie

8. Mother’s perfume

9. Homemade chocolate chip cookies

10. Smell of the ocean

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