“IDK who needs to hear this…but STOP listening to other people and just date the person that you love!”

It can get quite frustrating when you are dating a guy that your girlfriends don’t approve of, especially if you are head over heals in love with him. You want to hang out with your friends and you still want to be with the guy you are in love with. How do you deal with your friends that can’t stand the guy you are dating?

When Your Friends Don’t Approve of Your Partner

Hear them out. Listen to what your friends have to tell you about why they don’t approve of your boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe they don’t think your partner treats you right, maybe he’s hit on them, maybe they don’t think he is good enough for you. It could just be that they aren’t their type!

Talk to your partner. This can be difficult to do without hurting any feelings, but you owe it to your partner to let him or her know what is going on. They probably already sense something is up. Let your partner know that you would like to work things out so all of you can feel comfortable hanging out together at times.

Let your friends know you want them to respect your choices. They do not have to approve of your choice of partner, but they do need to treat him or her with respect. You need to stand up for your partner, both when he is and isn’t present. This is something that you would want for your partner to do for you as well. IDK who needs to hear this…but STOP listening to other people and just date the person that you love!

Gradually bring them together. Maybe just have one or two of your friends at a time around him. Make sure that they are respectful and stand up for your partner when necessary. Go on a double date.

Just remember that if you are happy and in a healthy relationship it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about the person you are with. Just do you!

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