“Girl look at how well you’re doing, thriving and all! And you thought you’d never get over it!”

We all make mistakes, fail or things may not go our way. What’s important is that we don’t dwell on these past events. Instead, we should make these opportunities to grow as a friend, co-worker, spouse and human being. The following are helpful tips that show you how to move on.

6 Tips to Help You Move On

1. Learn from the past. Instead of dwelling on the negative event make this a learning experience. Take your past mistakes and learn why things did not go the way you planned them to. What can you do different to not make the same mistake again?

2.Talk about your what you are going through. Let a good friend or family member know what you are going through. Sometimes, just having someone to hear you out or cry to is enough healing in itself. It’s important not to bury your feelings, but to let them out. Give yourself some grieving time, but don’t stay there too long.

3.Disconnect. If you need to take some time to disconnect from others that remind you of the negative event. This will help you to get your mind off of what happened and to focus on more positive things.

4.Don’t blame others for your mistakes or failures. It is important to take responsibility for your own wrong doings. Pointing fingers at others is just complaining and will prevent you from moving forward. Stop playing the role of victim and accept the truth.

5.Focus on the present. Don’t get so wrapped up in your negativity that you don’t see what is going on in the world around you. Focus on the good that is going on in your life today. There is a lot in your life that you should feel thankful for.

6.Forgive yourself. Everyone has regrets for things that they may have done or mistakes they have made. The past is just that, it’s the past. Learn from what you have done and make whatever changes are necessary in your life so it does not happen again. This will make it a lot easier for you to finally move on.

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