“If you need some time away from someone, tell them. Ghosting them just shows your immaturity.”

Everyone needs to take a break from people at some time. It’s a way to get relief from social pressures and to get some clarity on your life. It helps you to feel more energized and happier as well. Something that has become more popular with people these days is “ghosting”, ending a relationship with someone by severing all communication, not even giving an explanation.

Don’t ignore friends texts and then chat it up on one of your social media accounts. This is only going to make them wonder why you are ignoring them. If you need some time away from someone, tell them. Ghosting them just shows your immaturity.

4 Top Reasons Why People Ghost

1. Avoid Confrontation This is a very common reason that many people have given for avoiding communicating with someone. It could be because they are afraid of the conversation that they would have with them to end the relationship. Or they could feel guilty or not wanting to deal with any drama that will unfold. For them, it was just easier to end all communication.

2. Afraid of Causing Pain Many times a person really doesn’t want to cause the other person pain by telling them hurtful things, so instead they just avoid all conversations with them. This really is doesn’t help the other person that is probably wondering what they did wrong to cause you to just act like they don’t even exist.

3. They are Too Busy Many times people have too much on their plate and have a difficult time juggling so many things and people at one time. The person they are ghosting obviously isn’t a priority in their life and instead of letting the person know by communicating with them how busy they are, they just ghost them.

4. They Don’t Feel Safe With the Person Many times people enter into a relationship and things are wonderful at first. But as time goes on, you start to see each others true colors. This person may turn out to be a violent, angry or disturbed person and severing all communication seemed the easiest way to end things. This is one circumstance that ghosting can actually be the right thing to do!

If there comes a time in your life and you want to end a relationship with a friend or a significant other, in most circumstances it is best to tell them. You owe them an explanation of why you would like to end your friendship or relationship. This way you will not leave them hanging, wondering if it was something that they did or said to you. By letting them know, they can better understand and make changes to avoid it from happening again in a future relationship. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t want someone to just ghost you, would you?

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