“I should not have to ask you how you feel about me. I should feel it, see it and know it.”

So how do you know if you have found “the one,” that special person who completes you, the one that makes you a better person? Sometimes your “one” comes in disguise. They may not end up being what you have always envisioned your soulmate being. She may not be blonde hair and blue eyes like you have always envisioned your significant other being. He may not be that tall, dark and handsome man that you envisioned yourself being with.

How Do You Know You Have Found “The One”

Mutual Respect You both feel a strong sense of respect towards each other. This means you respect each others thoughts, ideas, goals, ambitions and family values.

You feel each others pain. Your significant other will do whatever they can to make sure that you don’t hurt. When you feel pain, your partner feels bad as well and does what they can to make you happy.

You have similar interests and dreams. This does not mean that you will have everything in common, but your main interests and dreams are similar. For instance, you both would like to move out of the city some day, you both dream of raising a family and bring them up Catholic. Or maybe both of you don’t want to have children.

You can be yourself. At no time do you feel like you have to “act” differently around your significant other. They have seen you at your worst and are ok with you. Your partner knows your silly little quirks and flaws and accepts you for who you are.

Both of you will do whatever it takes to make sure you can spend time with each other. It’s important that this is equal within your relationship. It shouldn’t be just one partner always making changes to their schedule in order to be together.

You are ok with each other having their own time without you. Both of you had friendships before you met and it is important to be able to continue having them. In a healthy relationship you are not always together. In fact, having a little time apart will make reuniting even that more special.

They make you a better person. Your partner not only supports you with your dreams and goals, but they keep you on track to achieving them.

This special person may not look like the lady or man you envisioned your soulmate being. You may run into them and not even know they are “the one,” or you may meet and fireworks go off right away. Just remember to be patient and keep an open mind and you will find “the one” that you have been waiting for.

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