Here's to my Mom

Here's to my Mom

“The older I get, the more I appreciate all that my mom has done for me.”

As we get older, the more we learn to appreciate our moms more. We learn that everything that they have done for us as we have grown up was all out of love. Mothers are the ones who are there to hold our hand when we are scared. They are the ones that hug us when we are upset. Here’s to all the moms out there, you are a superwoman!

Supportive. Thank you for always being there to listen and guide me during the ups and downs in my childhood years and continuing to do this even today.

Unconditional Love. Thank you for showing your unconditional love to me when I was a young child and misbehaving, breaking the rules as a teenager or making a decision that you didn’t agree with as an adult. No matter what, I have never doubted the love you have for me.

Patient. Thank you for being patient with me when I misbehaved as a child. Instead of yelling, you set rules and if I broke them there were consequences. You have taught me to be respectful, responsible and patient as an adult.

Encouraging. Thank you for always encouraging me to try my best and to never give up. I have always felt like you believed in me and this has taught me as an adult to persevere in whatever I do.

Reliable. Thank you for being that person that I can always count on. You were always there to make sure that I got to the school bus on time and were home for me when I walked in the door.

Warm. Thank you for putting a band-aid on and kissing my boo boo’s when I fell down and scraped my knees. Thank you for embracing me when I was scared and hugging me when I was down. You have always made me feel safe and secure.

Optimistic. Thank you for teaching me to focus on the positive. This has made me a happier person and allowed me to see new opportunities that I would not have seen if I focused on the negative.

My Inspiration. If I can be even just a fraction of the Mother that you have been to me I can say I am blessed. You have been my protector, disciplinarian and most of all my friend. Thank you for teaching me what a Mother truly is.

Approachable. Thank you for being that person that I can go to with any of my problems or concerns. I have never felt like you would judge me or belittle me.

Nurturing. Thank you for being a nurturing Mother to me. You have always made me feel safe, secure and happy. The affection that you have shown to me has created a bond that can never be broken.