I may not be the best at math, but I now when stuff doesn’t add up.

We have all told a “white lie” in our lives and many can say that they have told an outright big lie. This can become a problem if you find out that you are on the receiving end of the lie. While there are signs that someone is being dishonest to you, this is not “proof” that someone is actually lying. Here are some signs to look out for that are good indicators that a person might be lying.

5 Signs Someone Might be Lying to You

1. They repeat certain words and phrases. To cover a lie they are about to tell, they frequently use the phrase, “To tell you the truth…” or “To be honest…” They commonly use the words “always” and “never” to make what they are about to tell you seem more reliable.

2. They blink more frequently than normal or stare at you when lying. Watch what their normal pattern for blinking is and when you think that they may be lying to you, watch if their blinking increases. Some avid liars will stare at you when they are lying and not even blink, trying to display their confidence in what they are telling you. If they do this, it is an indicator that they might be lying to you.

3. They become fidgety. This could be nervously moving around, not sitting still, scratching or picking at their skin or face, biting their nails. Sometimes a person that is lying will try to hide their hands to prevent you from seeing them fidget.

4. They keep repeating the same thing. People who are lying often repeat what they are saying, most likely because they are searching their brain for what to concoct up next.

5. Their breathing pattern changes. When you get nervous, your blood pressure and heart rate changes. This causes you to take breathe heavier and to raise your shoulders more when you are talking.

Conclusion: All of these are just indicators that someone can be lying. It doesn’t give you proof that they are. If you find yourself saying to yourself, “I may not be the best at math, but I now when stuff doesn’t add up,” that’s your “gut” talking to you and you are probably right!

It is important to know how a person acts when they are being honest and compare their behavior to the times that you think they could be lying. If you see quite a bit of these signs as a change in their normal behavior, then it is a good indicator that they are not telling the truth.

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