Grandparents play a vital role in their grandchildren’s lives and have shown to impact each other in so many ways. Mom and Dad many times use grandparents as caregivers, picking their children up from school and driving them to activities. Others have found themselves as taking over the primary role or even become a sole provider for them due to unforeseen family situations. Sometimes surrogate grandparents that do not have any grandchildren of their own take over this role. More and more grandfamilies are seen where grandparents are raising the children. Due to this closeness, they form special bonds and feel an unconditional love for each other.

In today’s day in age many family’s have grandparents that have taken over the child-care role for their family. It isn’t uncommon that both parents need to work to be able to live where they do so it is economically beneficial for the grandparents to provide the care for the children.

Sometimes grandparents find themselves as the primary care giver due to unforeseen family circumstances. It could be because their child may be incarcerated or not capable to care for their children due to drug addiction. This has shown to strengthen the bond between the grandparent and grandchild.

Benefits of Having a Grandparent-Grandchild Relationship

1.For grandchildren, just knowing that they can count on their grandma and grandpa gives them an extra layer of security.

2. Having grandparents around helps to alleviate stress in the household. They are always great for providing entertainment, playing games and sharing a good laugh.

3. Grandparents are good role models with lots of experience of their own, because they have practiced with their own children!

4. Grandparents have lots of wisdom and stories that they can share with and pass on to their grandchildren.

5. Because of their role in their grandchildren’s lives, the children not only form an unconditional bond with their parents, but they also form an unconditional bond with their grandparents as well!

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  1. Some grandparents aren’t able to move to the city where their grandchildren live, but provide financial support for anything they can. That doesn’t mean they love their grandchildren LESS than the one that had caused so much trouble intruding in their daughters marriage. Feeling used instead of loved by a grandchild, really hurts, especially when there son (the father) passed away unexpectedly & their mother moved in a man 15 weeks after the father was killed, in front of your sons little 8 yr. old daughter. But unconditional love is a love that gives without judgment, keeps shoving down the pain of losses while you develop PTSD, & Cancer that stress couldn’t handle. Life goes on, and I choose the unconditional love over the other, No Boundaries & Respect for the Grandparents that truly, without hesitation LOVES..❤🙏

  2. Our 4 grandchildren have always been very special to us. We want them to be happy and successful and follow the teaching of the Bible, knowing that is the key finding true happiness.

    1. My father, “Dad”, always said you’ll understand why they call grandbabies “grand” baby- when you have one daughter…& if you that they are GRAND wait till the GREAT-grand babies come along!” I’m anxious to find out! ♥️♥️

  3. That is beautiful Kaylee! Unfortunately nobody lives forever! However the love between us does live forever. It’s such an honor to be blessed with wonderful grandchildren. Love you and am so proud of you.❤️

  4. This is so timely for me. I lost my grandfather at the age of 92 one month ago. Although I was lucky to have him for almost 40 years of my life and even luckier to have him be a part of my children’s life (5 and 8), it is still so painful to know that we will not have any more memories. He raised all his children and his grandchildren with all his energy and love. I miss him so much. I too wish grandparents lived forever. They are so special.

    1. This is timely for me as well I just lost my Grandma to cancer last Tuesday she was 74. I was fortunate to live several years of my life with her and my late Grandpa. She got all her wishes except one which was to see my son go to elementary school. He’s almost 18 months old. I was with her when she left for Heaven and I found some relief cause I was with her so many times she cried from the cancer and treatment and the fear of my son not knowing who she is. I told her as she was passing I would promise her my son will always know who his Grammy is. I don’t get along with my mom and she was my mother figure I’m 27 and our bond was great and I was thankful she wasn’t in pain anymore but my heart breaks for her and my son. She was a devout Christian and I have no shadow of a doubt she’s in heaven with my grandpa telling him stories of how we all grew up and how she got to see her first great grandson. She was my last grandparent I had and the loss is great she was an all around great person and a once in a lifetime person with her kind heart. I would do anything to have them all back but the stories I get to tell my sons about my grandparents are gonna be awesome.

    2. I know this feeling. I lost my mom in January. 2 weeks before that she’s got to see her granddaughter one last time before her unexpected passing. I didn’t have a dad growing up but my mom was the best grandmother I could of asked for both my kids 11 and 4yrs of age.

  5. I’ve raised two granddaughterdathers that feel like my own, and now a grandson.We do all have a very special bond.Always and forever💝

  6. Our grandkids don’t live close anymore but they are always close in our hearts, our youngest granddaughter we had in our home days from the time she was 3wks until she was 12 we have a special bond, she will be 18 this month and I tell her she will be my baby girl forever, we text each other goodnight’s every day and keep up on our lives she lives 150mi away and don’t see her as often as we would like but she is deep in my heart as are my children and other grandkids and greatgrandkids. I text 12 goodnight’s every night

  7. My grand children are so loved. They bring so much joy to my life. I spent years taking care of them and I do jot resent one moment. I miss that time so much. I tried to give them the best childhood memories. I smile when they bring up something we did together. Now the great grand are being born. Too far away for daily cuddles and spoiling. They are in my thoughts and prayers every day

  8. I have 12 grandchildren and love each one with all my heart. I have watched them from day one and enjoyed every minute of it. Some have grown but they never stop to say I love you and giving me a big hug. They just make my world. God bless you my dear grandchildren.

    1. We have 3 daughters and 5 grandsons we didn’t have any boys but the lord bless us with 5 grandsons and we love them so much they have stolen our ♥️

  9. We have been blessed with four granddaughter’s who we love beyond words! But to have a grandchild tell you nana I feel so safe when your with me am not afraid or cuddled with me you’re heart just melts. All I want is fir them to be healthy and safe from harm. We can’t be here forever but I will watch from above!

  10. We have 40 Grandchildren & 5 Great Grandchildren, we don’t get to spend time with all of them but the ones we do are very precious times! We are so grateful that their Mother’s sees the value of that relationship and are able to see that their children get to have that time with us!♥️ Thank you ♥️♥️

  11. Our granddaughter was born to drug addicted parents. We took her into our home as a toddler and adopted her and raised her as our own. Occasionally someone tells us our granddaughter is lucky to have us. We always tell them the benefits are mutual; that our granddaughter has added a dimension to our lives that parents seldom enjoy. She has been such a pleasure to us from infancy to adulthood.

  12. It’s a blessing to be able to assist in raising 2 of my grand babies, both my parents had passed away before I even had children and I’m still sad about it. I have one more in a different state and 2 more on the way, I’m so excited. I never thought I could love someone as much as I love my children until the grands came along OMG I’m so in love with them all.

  13. Grandchildren are gifts from God. I was at each birth and have kept a relationship with them ages 29-38. They are all very precious to me.

  14. Two of our grandchildren came to live with us at the age of 4 & 5 while their dad served in the Navy. Poppa & I were so glad we had retired and was able to raise them. We got to do things with them that we were not able to do with our own children since we both were working. We were finally able to bake cookies for their school parties instead of sending store-bought cookies! We were able to take them to soccer practice, cub scout meetings and field trips! What a delight it was for us to be able to spend time with them, be a role model and guide them through their life!

  15. My grandparents (mom’s parents) are the best. We lived with them for a lot of reasons. My mom doing everything on her own raising three kids (I, the middle-child and only boy). My mom took care of everything but my grandparents made sure we had food in our mouths everyday. My grandparents only rewarded us on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. My grandpa has always been the “father-figure” in my life and still is. Unfortunately, my grandma passed away about 10 years ago and still not over it. Everytime I see a orchid, of any species I cry. She had her own little oasis of orchirds and no one was allowed to enter unless you had permission. We eat at her favorite Thai restaurant on her birthday.

  16. We have the best grand and greats that you could ask for and now that we are grandparents to 3 boys because they loss there dad left at a very young age their mom as well as the boys keep us in their life as long as they live so will their dad and when they hug us so does their dads but the other grands makes a point to check on us. Their so thoughtful my husband has Dementia so that’s a lot but they help , if nothing but visiting as talking. God blessed us so much with family and love the greats are a little young to do much but the love they give. Enjoy every day and love unconditionally

  17. Oh yes, our grandkiddos!! They’re my God given, ultimate blessing on this Earth! Besides my husband. I love praying for them! I love telling them I pray for them! So they will know God and His miracles, which they have witnessed! Sometimes I get on their nerves with questions I think. But I have good intentions, and hopefully they will realize that some day. I share with them only what I know to be true and things that I personally have been thru. And I tell them my advice is because I know, and the ONE most important is to have a relationship with God. Always!

  18. My grandchildren mean the world to me. I am so blessed never regret any sports have set to watch them watching ever move they made with heart so full of joy. Waiting for a phone call late at night just to fix a midnight snack tired from a long day but so happy knowing they wouldn’t go to bed hungry. Thanks to their mom and dad for the gift from Godto make our senior day happy . My grandkids is woreshed

  19. I have 5 munchkins that make my heart smile. My oldest is almost 16 and gives me a hug and kiss on the top of my head. I am 5’1” and he is 6’3”. Any time I am ready to head here me he walks me to my car, tells me he loves me and to drive safe.

    The 14 yr old female tells me she loves me and gives me a hug.

    The 11 yr old is so sweet, adorable little thing who gives me lots of hugs and tells me she loves me. These 3 older ones use to only see me about 4 times a year, I lived and worked about 9 hrs away.

    The 2 younger ones are 2 and 6 next week. Kaius was only 4 months old when I retired and moved here. He loves to play board games and show me stuff. I get a hug & kiss when I arrive and leave to go home. The 2 yr old I have been here since day 1, she is so adorable. She is not a fussy eater and will try anything I give her. She loves for me to read to her and she loves to read to me. She will likely be our last grandchild, our son would like one but said he does not want to be a weekend dad.

  20. The love you have for your grandchildren is unexplainable. There is a bond that cannot be broken, and knowing that your own children enjoyed their childhood enough to want to do things for their children that they have experienced is a really special feeling. My grandchildren will no longer have the company of their grandpa Soko, but they will always know how much he loves them!

  21. My grand-children has always been a big, big part of my heart and life. I love them so much and hopefully they all know this. When you try to explain things to them as they are growing-up so many times they do not understand because they have not had the experience in life yet. We have to be patient with them of knowing that they do not understand what we do. Love them, hug them and cherish them always.

  22. Everyone of my five grandchildren have a very special place in my heart especially, the younger ones that still are in great need of our guidance,caring, love, and emtional support needed today. I love all of my grand children with all my heart,and soul,at times they may not be near me but,they constantly in my prayers.

  23. I have loved having grandchildren and have been blessed to live near most of them. From the years in diapers, giving baths, singing silly songs, making mud pies, Christmas cookies, playing school….I loved it all! You watch them grow up to become young men and women and wonder how the time went by so fast. It reminds you of younger days when your own children were small and needed you. My granddaughter sent me this article and that in itself tells me what a wonderful, caring, thoughtful young woman she has become. God bless each of my grandchildren.

  24. My Grandchildren have always been so special especially when they were little first by going toMcdonalds then to TinkerTown or FunMountain and sometimes Grand Prix Racing we spoiled them rotten and we sure had fun making the ClubHouse and now with Gaga in heaven they look after me love Nanny

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