“Skipping large family gatherings for the holiday season of 2020 might just ensure that you get to see those family members in 2021…just keep that in mind.”

Life can get difficult and lead you down a road that you never thought you would have to be on. You may find yourself needing to give up something in your life that is so meaningful and important for the sake of something else much more important…..life.

Covid-19 has turned our whole world upside down. Today, in 2020, many people around the world are having to face this deadly virus and are struggling to make difficult sacrifices in their life for the sake of others.

Avoiding Social Gatherings

We’ve been told it is vital that we, “flatten the curve.” In order to do this, it requires us to avoid social interactions with others as much as possible. This can not only save your life, but the lives of your friends, mother, father, grandparents and others on the other side of the country! Skipping large family gatherings for the holiday season of 2020 might just ensure that you get to see those family members in 2021…just keep that in mind.

How do I say, “no” to social gatherings?

First off, just know that it is OK to say NO to social gatherings during this pandemic! The best thing to do in this situation is to be open and honest. It’s not like you can give the excuse that you have other plans, because you probably don’t during this time.

Instead, offer another way of getting together. Depending upon your county’s restrictions, this can be meeting at on outdoor restaurant or sitting outdoors maintaining the recommended distance and wearing a mask. Or, just get together on a ZOOM call.

Wearing a Mask

Masks are most definitely not the most comfortable thing to wear, but in order to “flatten the curve” and stop the spreading of this deadly virus we MUST make this sacrifice.

Wearing a mask properly and consistently along with following other protocols, such as social distancing, hand washing and avoiding social gatherings will help to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

When you wear a mask you are not only protecting yourself, but the lives of others around you too!

What do I say to people that aren’t wearing a mask?

The best thing to keep in mind is to try not to overreact. No one likes to be singled out for not following the rules, no matter how wrong they are.

If it is someone that you know, let them know that you would feel much better talking with them if they wore a mask. If they refuse to, ask that they keep a further distance from you or continue the conversation on the phone.

If it is an store worker not wearing a mask, don’t confront the employee. Instead, bring it to the store management where they can properly deal with the employee.

It may be difficult to avoid social gatherings and always wear a mask when out in public, but it is a sacrifice that all of us must take in order to get through this pandemic. Making these sacrifices today will increase the chances of being able to celebrate with your loved one’s in the future. Hopefully sooner, than later!

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